You’re Engaged!!!! Now what?!

The moment... it happened. He did the proposal, fancy or not fancy, however you may have dreamt it to be... or maybe you proposed... who knows. Whatever way, you said yes, and it's so exciting! Everyone wants to hear what happened and how it happened and what you said, and then, all the big, tougher questions start getting asked! When are you going to get married? Where? Are you having a Church Wedding? Who is making your cake? Are you registering? And so, so many more millions of questions that you hadn't even contemplated, even if you'd already thought that you had thought of everything! Trust me, there are even more questions. And the nearer it comes to your wedding, the worse it gets. Th

How to Make your Own Wedding Favours!

Wedding Favours have always been a big tradition in English weddings. It is there as a gesture of thanks from the bride and groom, for celebrating their special day. The original wedding favour was called a bonbonniere, which was a small ornate box, which contained a sugar cube or some other confectionery, and then moved onto sugared almonds. In today's society, wedding favours are looked at to be something novel, that fits in with the theme of the wedding, and should always be given. That said, there is an argument for the point of wedding favours. Brides and grooms already pay out an extortionate amount of money per guest to pay for their meal, and to give a wedding favour, is just another

A week in the life of a wedding cake maker!

Day One I've been asked to make a simple, elegant cake for my cousin, and I'm so keen to get started! Today is Day One of the real stuff. Getting the cake to look like a real wedding cake! I've layered marzipan on the fruit cake. I made the fruit cake 6 weeks ago ago, and I've been feeding it a bit of brandy every fortnight, just to keep it's moisture (and keep the guests feeling happy!!). It's smelling divine. Now is the time to get baking the sponges. The sponge cakes can't be made any earlier unless you intend on freezing them, which is not ideal for a wedding, as you want the flavour and texture to be of top quality. Today I've baked the 10" round lemon cake which will be on the lower t

11 Ways for Keeping your Wedding Budget Trim

When we decided to get married, we hadn't long bought our house. And so often is the case with new couples, the decision is whether to buy a house, start a family, or get married. And in this new era that we live in, none of them have to go hand in hand, or in any order! The only issue is... money. The shocking costs of trying to buy a house in the current climate is that of which you feel it's totally impossible without a bailout from the parents, a pretty impressive (although rather depressing) inheritance, or winning the lottery. And lets be honest, none of those are particularly common! So how do you manage it? Obviously if I were a property blogger, I could give you tips and advice on h


Chepstow, Monmouthshire. 


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