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What flowers suit your wedding?

Today we have a blog written by a talented florist, Lynne Jessett, who gives you a thought-provoking insight into what suits your style, and. what suits your venue. Photographs are scattered throughout for your ideas!

What style of flowers are you dreaming of? Maybe rustic boho, which lends itself to barns and some country houses, tipis and outdoor festival themed weddings with a boho twist; or clean lines and elegant style for a more classic look.

Does the venue have a space which also needs dressing? There is one particular hotel I often frequent, where the fireplace looks incredible with flowers surrounding it, or others where the stairs are a fantastic feature... just think of those photographs!

So... think about what drew you to love this venue for your special day.  It may be a hanging installation you need, or something creative and out-of-the-box.

(Photographer: @trulyinfluentialweddings)

Once you've delved through those initial feelings. as to why you chose this venue, this will help with theming your style, so it runs effortlessly throughout your wedding. Using the same floral groups from bouquets to garlands; tables; arches and buttonholes, this will flow seamlessly and tie all aspects of your wedding together. This is the advice I always give: keep the continuity flowing throughout. It matters when you get your photos back; it will all marry together and look stunning.

(Photographer: @martindabekphotography)

This is where your consultation comes in. Talking about your style, talking to your florist and communication is key.  It is always good to share photos of the venue, so that the florist can get a good feel for the type of dressing you would love. 

This is an important point - don't be frightened to talk about your budget. It is important to be able to say the look you want, but what you can afford, too. It would also be so much easier for us as florists, to then be able to share with you what you can afford on your budget, and what we can do for you. Then we can chat about various options to gain the look you want.

(Photographer: @camillareynoldsphoto)

Whilst discussing budget, have a think about your venue. If you are getting married at the venue, you can reuse your flowers wherever you want; for example, aisle runners can become the table centrepieces. I have done this a lot for clients it helps with the budget and making a fabulous aisle. You can even think about this if you are getting married in a different place to the reception, if you have some ready helpers to take some of your flowers across to your venue. What's the point. in leaving them to waste, when you can reuse them as much as possible for your day?

So. Let's think about flowers, when you have booked your venue, and you have a confirmed date... this is when you need to get in touch with your florist. Depending on the style of the venue, this will dictate what style of flowers would work best for you. 

The other thing to consider when choosing your flowers, is what is good at that season. Think about the colour theme and this will help. However, do not worry! We are the experts at this, and we can help suggest the right flowers for the season. I help tailor to each bridal couple and their unique likes and tastes. Finally, think about fragrance. Flowers are a powerful evocative memory and in many years to come, you will still remember a fragrance that you had in your wedding florals. These are all key points as a bespoke florist, that I would work closely with my clients, to create their own dreams become their reality.

 (Photographer: @louticklephotography)

Choosing a florist should be done by who you get on with the best, and who can create the look you want. If you get on with them well, you know they will understand what you want, what works for your personality, and whether you can work well together if things get a little stressful during the panicked times! After all it’s a very special day and moment in time, so it deserves marking with stunning flowers, to still take your breath away years later.  


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Edited by: Zoe Giblin

(Photographer: @karlmoriatyphotography)

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